Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's late, it's been a stressful day. To end it on a good note, I wanted to post some pictures of my beautiful family. The good news is that I have tomorrow and Monday with Benny. Tomorrow is an action packed day...dual haircuts, oil change for G's car, maybe the Magic House, Trivia Night for some function for G's work.

The picture with Benny and Grace makes me chuckle. When Aaron and Kelly got home, they realized there were 5 or so apples that had little bites in them. I expect no less from Gracie, who is the funniest eater I know. The plus is that she saved them probably $0.40, since we bought apples by the pound.

I am a bit jealous of our friends in Memphis....who booked a house at Rosemary Beach next month. Today would have been a good day to be on vacation. Like the commercial said in the 80's....take me away, Calgon, take me away. Of course this reminds me of another old commercial I remember seeing at Grandma's house, when she had the Soap Opera's playing loud on the TV...."You're soaking in it, Marge" . I think it was for some dish soap, hence "soap opera".

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