Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A neat thing about Facebook is that sometimes friends post random pictures from the past. This is from a banquet at Oklahoma Christian (OCC for old guys like me). I think that all the guys in the picture were from Kappa Sigma Tau. I believe the year was 1986. I'm top row center sporting the sweet white tux.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Today was Benny's first official "Snow Day". Preschool was cancelled due to the weather. Geri now spends Tuesday mornings at home (usually with Everlie). By lunch time, with 2 pent-up kids, she was more than ready to hit the slippery road to her office.

Our kids love the cold and snow. I think Benny was disappointed that the snow didn't pack very well for snowballs, but we made do building an igloo. Evidently this is where a squirrel and rabbit will be spending the night. After pulling Benny around the block on our boogie board...yes, we don't have a was time to come in for dinner. Geri made her first batch of clam chowder. It was excellent.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I want to clarify the post about my wife's "retirement". She retired as a partner, working at their home office. She is now back running her own office, like she did in Littleton. She loves it and has flexibility to spend much time with our kids.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This has been a memorable weekend. To begin with, I met an inspirational dad named Dick Hoyt. He is a hero in many senses of the word. He has 3 boys. One of his kids, Rick, has Cerebral Palsy. You see, his umbilical cord was wrapped around him at birth. Despite this impairment, Rick's Dad made a decision to never let life pass his son by. He did not want Rick to live in an institution or be pitied... Dick learned to swim and bike and never looked back on an amazing journey that has led to him and Rick competing in appx. 1000 sporting events.

Their website is

Another event that helped make this weekend memorable was a retirement party we went to last night. I have a friend that in many respects has been at the "top of her game" in her chosen profession. She works for a privately held company that has appx 25,000 employees worldwide. Their ownership structure is one that is privately held. There are approximately 400 General Partners in this company and my friend has been one for the past 5 years. Much is demanded for these partners. They all work hard across the board. In my estimation she excelled at the tasks given to her. She loves her company but decided make a lifestyle choice that gave her flexibility with her kids. That meant stepping down as a partner. They officially call this "retiring". That friend is my best wife. Congratulations. I am very proud to be married to an old, retired woman. You had the courage to make changes that will benefit our family for our lifetime. I love you for it. You are another hero to me.

I also want to let our wonderful friends Kelly and Aaron know that we appreciate you taking care of Benny and Everlie last night. We love you...but are smart enough to know that the payback will be coming soon enough.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

After all the time we have spent in Spanish class...Benny's favorite foreign phrase is "Bella Luna". The other night we were treated to a Bella Luna. If you took a peek in our house at the same time, you would have been treated to our Bellissimi Bambini..beautiful children.

The forecast indicates an incredibly cold, coldfront. I'm thinking about hitting the modest Hidden Valley ski slopes Thursday night after a CFS board meeting. Maybe I'm loco.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Everlie is clearly addicted to texting and Nick Nolte movies. It's a shame isn't it?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's always fun to pick Benny up from preschool. Especially when learning from the teacher that he informed his class that Daddy threw up last night. At least he delivered the newsworthy occurrence with a note of reassurance..."but it's ok, he did it in the toilet". Food poisoning is not fun. Fortunately Geri was a trooper with the kids last night. I will not be going to El Indio and/or ordering Huevos Rancheros anytime soon.

Here is a video of the kids hamming it up this week. It would not suprise me if Benny were to be an actor or make a living in front of the camera. Benny has comic timing and Everlie is happy to play the sidekick.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Put a fork in it. The celebrating is done and the new year is here. Geri and I enjoyed waking up in our own beds on Christmas morning, watching the kids open their gifts and playing. While I didn't officially ask for (or expect) any presents, Geri got me photography lessons from Michelle Ross (Under Grace Photography...Check her link out on the right side of this blog). I am excited. For a long time I have an itch that gets scratched from writing and taking pictures. This is something I've mainly ignored in the past, but will earnestly work on in 2009. One of my individual goals for the year is to start a book. Anyone got any ideas? I have a passion for military history.

This is a cross-section of pictures from the past few weeks. One is of Geri and Everlie just before going to Church the Sunday before Christmas. The other pictures include Christmas in Yukon, OK with my family and Woodward, OK with Geri's. There is also a picture of New Year's Day with Everlie, Jonah and Benny. The last picture is of Everlie smiling as Benny is taking a bath.

I hope you have reason to be thankful this year. My blessings include having a family that is a Team, working with Tony, building up my business, having a wide range of friends that I truly love and can spend meaningful time with (ages 70 on know who you are). Scratching my creative itches. Walking a closer walk with God. Maybe even starting paperwork for 3rd kiddo. Come to think about it...the celebrating is not remotely done!