Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Today was Benny's first official "Snow Day". Preschool was cancelled due to the weather. Geri now spends Tuesday mornings at home (usually with Everlie). By lunch time, with 2 pent-up kids, she was more than ready to hit the slippery road to her office.

Our kids love the cold and snow. I think Benny was disappointed that the snow didn't pack very well for snowballs, but we made do building an igloo. Evidently this is where a squirrel and rabbit will be spending the night. After pulling Benny around the block on our boogie board...yes, we don't have a sled...it was time to come in for dinner. Geri made her first batch of clam chowder. It was excellent.

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Tony and Jennifer said...

I love your hat Geri! Too cute!