Sunday, January 04, 2009

Put a fork in it. The celebrating is done and the new year is here. Geri and I enjoyed waking up in our own beds on Christmas morning, watching the kids open their gifts and playing. While I didn't officially ask for (or expect) any presents, Geri got me photography lessons from Michelle Ross (Under Grace Photography...Check her link out on the right side of this blog). I am excited. For a long time I have an itch that gets scratched from writing and taking pictures. This is something I've mainly ignored in the past, but will earnestly work on in 2009. One of my individual goals for the year is to start a book. Anyone got any ideas? I have a passion for military history.

This is a cross-section of pictures from the past few weeks. One is of Geri and Everlie just before going to Church the Sunday before Christmas. The other pictures include Christmas in Yukon, OK with my family and Woodward, OK with Geri's. There is also a picture of New Year's Day with Everlie, Jonah and Benny. The last picture is of Everlie smiling as Benny is taking a bath.

I hope you have reason to be thankful this year. My blessings include having a family that is a Team, working with Tony, building up my business, having a wide range of friends that I truly love and can spend meaningful time with (ages 70 on know who you are). Scratching my creative itches. Walking a closer walk with God. Maybe even starting paperwork for 3rd kiddo. Come to think about it...the celebrating is not remotely done!

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