Sunday, January 18, 2009

This has been a memorable weekend. To begin with, I met an inspirational dad named Dick Hoyt. He is a hero in many senses of the word. He has 3 boys. One of his kids, Rick, has Cerebral Palsy. You see, his umbilical cord was wrapped around him at birth. Despite this impairment, Rick's Dad made a decision to never let life pass his son by. He did not want Rick to live in an institution or be pitied... Dick learned to swim and bike and never looked back on an amazing journey that has led to him and Rick competing in appx. 1000 sporting events.

Their website is

Another event that helped make this weekend memorable was a retirement party we went to last night. I have a friend that in many respects has been at the "top of her game" in her chosen profession. She works for a privately held company that has appx 25,000 employees worldwide. Their ownership structure is one that is privately held. There are approximately 400 General Partners in this company and my friend has been one for the past 5 years. Much is demanded for these partners. They all work hard across the board. In my estimation she excelled at the tasks given to her. She loves her company but decided make a lifestyle choice that gave her flexibility with her kids. That meant stepping down as a partner. They officially call this "retiring". That friend is my best wife. Congratulations. I am very proud to be married to an old, retired woman. You had the courage to make changes that will benefit our family for our lifetime. I love you for it. You are another hero to me.

I also want to let our wonderful friends Kelly and Aaron know that we appreciate you taking care of Benny and Everlie last night. We love you...but are smart enough to know that the payback will be coming soon enough.


Amanda and Jason said...

Congratulations, Geri. I wish you endless wonderful evenings of silliness instead of work. Benny and Everlie are blessed to have you as their mother.


bradfordlstevens said...

Your values and choices will have great signficance for your family for years to come. God has blessed you both with two precious lives to mold and shape. Those lives are eternal and the greater good. In a society where so many choose the dollar over the family, you are a living, breathing example of parents who strive to put the kingdom first and your family second. I applaud your choices and salute your example.

AmberT said...

hey congrats to geri! that must've been a difficult but exciting decision. we'll be praying for ya'll in her transition. maybe we can make some playdates with benny and everlie and corrina. we're all about arranged marriages ya know...hehe!!