Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter is a love-hate subject with Benny. He hasn't embraced the Easter Bunny, he loves hunting Easter eggs-but hates the chocolate treats inside. Let me correct the last sentence. Benny loves hunting Easter eggs in a controlled environment. A picture below shows his sentiment on hunting on a very cold morning. On the other hand, Bennys Mama loves Easter...after all, it's another occasion to dress up the kiddos. As for the stickers on his face.. stickers from a book we had to buy for his "Easter Basket"...we were at Barnes & Noble when he started pulling stickers off the book (which we hadn't planned on purchasing).

This has been a busy week. It started off with Randy/Pam/Van/Tatum, followed by Wessie /Uncle Darrel/Abby/Carly. On Friday we prematurely celebrated Benny's 3rd birthday.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My apologies for not posting pictures recently. Of note, we took a family trip to Chicago weekend before last. Of course, we forgot the camera. We will have family up this week, so there will be lots of "cousin" pictures to follow.

In this household, we like to showcase any talent. Everlie has a talent of being very flexible. After all, not anyone can suck their toes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It is incredibly satisfying having a family that you look at and love. I have the most beautiful (inside and outside) wife, and some amazingly wonderful and downright pretty kids. Like a gambler that feels a winning streak coming on, we even feel strongly enough to be open to enlarging our family even more...of course gambling is no factor in the equation. It's totally God. And of course, Geri is not censoring this post...although she would probably agree.

Knowing the snows were forecasted for the weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather and $10 parking at the Zoo (the cars were out in force cherrypicking the free parking spots). Today I left work early to build a snowman with Benny and pull him around in the makeshift sled, which was actually a boogie board. Benny kept falling off, but we had a BLAST. We also built a snowman. I have to admit. The finished product was quite lame thanks to me, but the joy was in the journey...not the end result.

Did I mention I love this season in my life?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Here are a few family shots we had taken

Last week we had Michelle Ross come out and take some family pictures. If anyone in STL is interested in a great, Christian professional photographer...she is awesome.
Here's a slideshow of some more family pics on her blog