Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Anyone hazard a guess as to who Geri met...twice...on her week that she attended Oprah?

Here are some things of note this week:
1. I love that Benny wants to pray for Emma Martin.
2. I do not pray nearly enough for my clients...this has changed.
3. Being the extremely proud parent of an adopted child, I wonder (sometimes in the back of my brain)...if Everlie undertands us. This was confirmed this week when she started to clap when we persuaded her to. It thrilled my soul. Of course I went through the same thing with Benny, only I was wondering if he was hard of hearing or just slow. Both of these initial thoughts were decisively incorrect. Little kids brains amaze me (better yet, God amazes me).
4. It is a nice feeling to deeply love your family. It is not so nice to act and say the opposite.
Folks around town might know him as the "picture guy" at Grants Farm, or the "tour guy" at Busch Stadium, but St Louis Grandpa (aka: Ed Tritschler)is finding fame through different avenues. He recently turned 70, and decided to undertake 70 new and exciting things to accomplish this year. Somehow Fox News got wind of his ambitious project and featured him in this great story.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

If you think about it...only God could make this picture possible.

More friend and family pics from the weekend.

I have been criticized in the past by a certain party who is under the impression that Oklahoma is not as pretty as what is described in this blog. While this point is debatable...note: Aaron, from "The Mount" (which ain't exactly the most beautiful spot, either), our family that lives in Oklahoma sure is beautiful! Here are a few family pics from OKC and Woodward.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Does life seem to be passing like a speeding train through the countryside. You look up and out the window...and the landscape blurs by. My days seem to blur by like that landscape. In an effort to put the brakes on the constant motion of days (along with my stress and complaining), Geri has turned me on to "The New Earth". OK, it is on the Oprah list..which usually is filled with books that to me seem somewhat lame. I am having a tough time wading through most of it, but the nice thing is that Geri is highlighting the Cliff's Notes passages. One takeaway for me is to realize that living in THIS moment is what truly counts...this is where my kids, family and friends are. If you are like me, and obsess on the past...or what might happen in the might want to try wading through this book. All I know is that my stress level is decreasing, and I am consciously enjoying each moment with the kids and G. Check it out.

Here's what's playing on my IPod:

Snow (Hey Oh) & Dani California. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Son & Holiday. Green Day
Nothingman. Pearl Jam

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here is Benny and his buddy, Jonah. They were on a big hike at Castlewood State Park this Sunday. Aren't boys great!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Both kiddos are growing and it makes us sad. Benny continues to be stubborn when it's bedtime. Last night after eating and spending some time with Mommy and Daddy, I put him in his bed. He told me he was hungry...again. After feeding him yogurt, I left him with instructions to be quiet and play with his helicopter and T-Rex until he fell asleep. 5 minutes later he yelled down letting us know his tummy hurts. I felt pity (being the sucker I am), until Geri said last night his malady was a sore knee. Are we raising a little con artist?

Everlie is growing. Geri says a few teeth are starting to come in, which accounts for some of her tearful moments. She is also trying verrrry hard to crawl.