Friday, April 25, 2008

Anyone hazard a guess as to who Geri met...twice...on her week that she attended Oprah?

Here are some things of note this week:
1. I love that Benny wants to pray for Emma Martin.
2. I do not pray nearly enough for my clients...this has changed.
3. Being the extremely proud parent of an adopted child, I wonder (sometimes in the back of my brain)...if Everlie undertands us. This was confirmed this week when she started to clap when we persuaded her to. It thrilled my soul. Of course I went through the same thing with Benny, only I was wondering if he was hard of hearing or just slow. Both of these initial thoughts were decisively incorrect. Little kids brains amaze me (better yet, God amazes me).
4. It is a nice feeling to deeply love your family. It is not so nice to act and say the opposite.


Anonymous said...

Have no idea who that man is. Looks familiar tho.
I am sure Emma would love to know to Benny is praying for her!

Anonymous said...

who is that?

Mary Ann

Jenna G said...

I give up Eric. Who is it?