Saturday, April 05, 2008

Both kiddos are growing and it makes us sad. Benny continues to be stubborn when it's bedtime. Last night after eating and spending some time with Mommy and Daddy, I put him in his bed. He told me he was hungry...again. After feeding him yogurt, I left him with instructions to be quiet and play with his helicopter and T-Rex until he fell asleep. 5 minutes later he yelled down letting us know his tummy hurts. I felt pity (being the sucker I am), until Geri said last night his malady was a sore knee. Are we raising a little con artist?

Everlie is growing. Geri says a few teeth are starting to come in, which accounts for some of her tearful moments. She is also trying verrrry hard to crawl.

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Jenna G said...

Does is ever strike you as odd the conflicting emotions of being thrilled with the progress they make yet at the same time being saddened that they are no longer babies? I do.

I know they can't stay babies. I want them to tie their shoes, read their own books, scale the fireplace (okay, maybe not that one) but I also want them to still wear tiny gripper socks and want me to read to them at bedtime forever.

Maybe it's just the speed with which they grow and accomplish that makes it so hard to adjust.

Hug 'em, kiss 'em, photograph 'em as much as possible.

Love you guys,