Monday, May 23, 2005


Large project finished Wed night. Drove out to Augusta Thursday morning for Jessica's graduation. Back from Augusta Sunday night. Flying out to OKC tomorrow morning to see my niece Graduate from Kingfisher HS. I remember back in 1988 when Nichole lived on campus at OCC (or OC or OCUSA depending on your viewpoint). Laura was finishing up her schooling, and Granny graciously stayed on campus to help out with Nichole. It seems like a lifetime ago, but the river of life just keeps a chuggin' along. I am excited for what her future holds, but (like a good uncle) want to make sure she has a plan, and on a good path with her new independence. She is enrolled at NOC to sit at the feet of Uncle Glenn, and learn photography. For that she is in good hands.

There is much more to post on, but need to wait.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just got back from the Christian Family Services board meeting. I've never served on a board like this before, and I guess this means I'm all grown up...naaah. Who am I kidding-I want to host the golf tournament every year, and give out the trophy. Seriously, a good group of people who help many single moms, babies, etc...

I just remembered that I misspoke in the first paragraph. I actually served on a board in the 5th grade. A group of us guys started the "Baa Baa Black Sheep" club. Of course this was named after one of the greatest TV shows of all times. I was the president, and the dues were a silver dollar (no kidding!). This guy Steve was the treasurer. Steve moved to Miami, OK, and skipped out with our money. I should have been treasurer. With interest I figure Steve owes me $78 give or take. If you see Steve R-tell him to pay up.


Last night I finished a project in Wildwood, and promptly had zero time to prepare for class. I love the Beth Moore study books, but am finding it difficult to find time do the lessons and prepare for class.

Tuesday night I experienced the fun part of my business. This is when we fire up the outdoor lights for the first time, make adjustments and additions, and soak in the finished "visual portrait" (nice buzz-word in my biz). The ingredients to outoor lighting are so representative of life and relationships. You have darkness, light, a power source, many can make your own storyline.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new large project in Columbia. I am hoping the weather cooperates, and doesn't rain us out. Meanwhile, I am still trying to find time to put together a business plan for a new startup at the beginning of next year. During the next few weeks, we will be travelling to Augusta, Oklahoma City, and Neosho. I think there will be some time to squeeze in some strategery (as GWB would say).

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Room At The Inn

Happy Birthday To You...

This song now has new meaning. Today is a little girls 2nd birthday. Her name is Asia, and I met her last night. A bunch of little kids and mothers were singing this to Asia at the church this morning at 7am. No presents. Just a choir of little voices coming from one of the classrooms. Lots of people roam the halls of this church building, but this sweet group was there under different circumstances. Those classrooms were serving as bedrooms.

One of the programs our congregation supports is called Room at the Inn. Homeless mothers and their children get shuffled around to different church buildings for a meal and a place to sleep. I signed up for the task of spending the night at the bullding, entertaining the kids, and helping these moms out however I could. There were 13 last night. I didn't spend time wondering, analyzing, and judging them. It's too easy to sit in that seat. Those kids (and their moms) need love and attention. While I tried to remember their names-I failed half the time, but realized the importance of acknowledging their name in a conversation. So, I did what comes naturally. I played with the kids, hugged the kids, rocked the birthday girl to sleep the night before her birthday (with Monsters, Inc blaring in the background), and fed them popcorn and snacks (thanks to Geri). I skipped out on a Cards baseball game to do this-and will gladly do it again.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Unknown Soldier

WWII Monument
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Wash DC. April, 2005. Just reminding you to thank a vet. No matter what war, conflict, or action. Freedom isn't free.

Ramblin' Questions

Here are a few questions that are coming to mind this morning.

Do you feel confident in your relationship with God?

Are you fulfilling all expectations in your relationship with your spouse?

Do you strive to maintain bonds of friendship through miles and time?

Do you prefer Snickers or Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


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Spring Break XVIII. Shown are Barry, Larry, Paul, Jim.

In the Carribean
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Here is a pic of us in the post-race afterglow from the "Americas Cup" Regatta. This was an excursion we did at St Maarten this summer. We were celebrating a bronze medal finish-of course there were only 3 boats in the race.

Benjamin at 1 month

Benjamin at 1 month
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Now that I am figuring out how to post pics, here is Benjamin. We can't wait to see him.

Random Musings For The Day

Last night I was talked into taking a day off, so here I am at the beginning of my day off. Not that I am lazy, but I just finished a big project and am feeling burned out on a few things.

My business is fine-but need a little break.

I like the Beth Moore study on the life of Paul-lots of homework before I moderate the class-but I need a little break this week (thanks to Brett).

We recently had a discussion on how nice it would be to actually live in a place where family and/or old friends also lived. Don't get the impression we are dissatisfied with STL. We have made great friends here, and enjoy being closer to family (in either drive-time, or a cheap Southwest flight). My friend Barry might feel the same way-since he has moved through 3 different timezones over the past years-basically starting fresh each time. Sometimes it would be nice to just pick up the phone and go to lunch or hang out. This is something that Mark, Darrel and John in OKC have put into practice for years. Hopefully they don't take their weekly lunches for granted.

Last night I found out that "Danielle" won her exemptions on the LPGA. She was one of the golfers on Big Break III (Golf Channel). She is one tough competitive cookie. This is a show that I really enjoyed. I can't claim to enjoy watching womens golf on TV, but there was something interesting about this series. I like watching how people interact in stressful situations. I like studying personalities. I like sports. What a great combination. Speaking of personalities, this is one thing thing that cements my belief in God. Just another dimension to marvel at.

I need to run...Word to the wise. If you have eggs boiling-don't forget about them. I now have to clean up 5 exploded and smelly eggs. Contents on ceiling, floor, burner, tile, etc...

Later on my day off:
I am not sure if this is an urban legend, but evidently John Wayne had 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter in his guts when he died. True or not-quite an unappetizing thought. One thing for sure-after mowing our lawn, this is not a problem the neighborhood dogs have. Now I know why all the owners walk their dogs at night (with empty sack in hand). This reminds me of one of the funniest jokes I've heard in quite awhile. It involves a man, his pet monkey, a bar, a que ball, and a bowl of cherries.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Am I feelin' it, today

I am realizing that I'll be in the "old dad" category once Benjamin and I are able to do father/son activities like baseball/football/skiing... I typically have a good attitude about age. Every year gets better and better, but lately my body has been telling me what my mind refuses to accept. I still hustle the best to my abilities playing hoops on Mondays. But here's a laundry list of ailments I'm feeling today:

1. Sprained ankle that just won't heal. This has cost me 1/2 a step from my normally slow reaction time.
2. Shoulder that hurts when I throw. This is a personal tragedy since I still throw rocks, heave footballs, and toss dirt clods whenever I can. Even when Geri and I are walking in the neighborhood.
3. Feeling worn out after getting dominated on the court by 18-22 year-olds.
4. Feeling a little down because of 1,2 and 3.

Enough bad news. The good news is that we have Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars in the freezer. If you haven't sampled these delicacies-you are missing out!

Monday, May 02, 2005

His 9th Habit

Business is very good. The funny thing is I seem to be losing the small bids, but getting the huge jobs. I am finishing up a grand sized job this week. Within a few weeks I'll be working on projects for one of MO's few billionaires, as well as a well-to-do automotive executive here in STL. Both look like fun projects. The good thing is that my business doesn't seem like "work".

I have been talking about co-teaching another mens class at church this fall, but have decided to back away from it for now. Since we will be picking up Benjamin at some point, I have this feeling it will put me over my head with all other responsibilities I am signing up for. Meanwhile, our summer is filling up. Geri and I will be going to Neosho for Memorial Day weekend to see friends in Gravette, AR. I will be heading out to OKC and Augusta, GA in May for high school graduations. In June, we will be heading out to Hilton Head for an Edward Jones meeting. In July, we will be travelling to Denver to see friends on the 4th. I also am helping to plan a mens mtn climbing trip/devotional/celebration of God weekend to take place this summer. We might take a trip to Guatemala to see Benjamin (and to expedite the adoption process). Above all of this I want to plan a little getaway just for Geri and I-I'm thinking @ Satellite Beach, FL. This is where a good friend lives, and the beaches are beautiful. After this, hopefully we are done with this travelling thing for awhile---with the exception of picking up Benjamin in Guatemala. There is no place like home!

Being the master of the obvious, I think my wife is beautiful. On Saturday, Geri attended an annual Edward Jones Top Producer meeting this weekend and received a great compliment from their guest speaker. Geri went up to talk to him after the presentation, and he told Geri she was "Very Beautiful". She came home with a big smile. A nice compliment goes a long way. I guess paying nice compliments is a habit that Stephen Covey puts into practice very well.