Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Random Musings For The Day

Last night I was talked into taking a day off, so here I am at the beginning of my day off. Not that I am lazy, but I just finished a big project and am feeling burned out on a few things.

My business is fine-but need a little break.

I like the Beth Moore study on the life of Paul-lots of homework before I moderate the class-but I need a little break this week (thanks to Brett).

We recently had a discussion on how nice it would be to actually live in a place where family and/or old friends also lived. Don't get the impression we are dissatisfied with STL. We have made great friends here, and enjoy being closer to family (in either drive-time, or a cheap Southwest flight). My friend Barry might feel the same way-since he has moved through 3 different timezones over the past years-basically starting fresh each time. Sometimes it would be nice to just pick up the phone and go to lunch or hang out. This is something that Mark, Darrel and John in OKC have put into practice for years. Hopefully they don't take their weekly lunches for granted.

Last night I found out that "Danielle" won her exemptions on the LPGA. She was one of the golfers on Big Break III (Golf Channel). She is one tough competitive cookie. This is a show that I really enjoyed. I can't claim to enjoy watching womens golf on TV, but there was something interesting about this series. I like watching how people interact in stressful situations. I like studying personalities. I like sports. What a great combination. Speaking of personalities, this is one thing thing that cements my belief in God. Just another dimension to marvel at.

I need to run...Word to the wise. If you have eggs boiling-don't forget about them. I now have to clean up 5 exploded and smelly eggs. Contents on ceiling, floor, burner, tile, etc...

Later on my day off:
I am not sure if this is an urban legend, but evidently John Wayne had 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter in his guts when he died. True or not-quite an unappetizing thought. One thing for sure-after mowing our lawn, this is not a problem the neighborhood dogs have. Now I know why all the owners walk their dogs at night (with empty sack in hand). This reminds me of one of the funniest jokes I've heard in quite awhile. It involves a man, his pet monkey, a bar, a que ball, and a bowl of cherries.

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