Monday, February 27, 2006

Prime Time

I am starting to get cynical and sick of primetime TV. Bring me back the Olympics any day (minus the ridiculous speedskating drama that played out this year).

First is the story of an MD bachelor who is dating a steady bevy of beauties, and systematically eliminating each of them (of course after the obligitory steamy hottub sessions). Do they want to be famous, or find a perfect match? I have to admit, the best part is watching the scenery of Paris and Europe.

Second is an All-American version of legalized gambling, in the form of a new gameshow. Choose the right briefcase, and you could win $1 or up to $1MM. Tonight I watched a policeman from Vegas almost fritter away many years' worth of salary-in the name of greed. It's a good thing he had a "financial adviser" in Trump in his corner giving advice. Sheesh.

Third is purely All-American. The Donald's Apprentice. I'm tired of cutthroat, misguided egomaniacs thinking that success can only be defined with a stab in the back, and a nice $250k salary for a year.

Where was the best show tonight? Our basement. Here is a series of pics of Benny hanging around until Mama came home. Now this is newsworthy in our house. Primetime at it's best!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Benny's Mom has been out of town for work. Consequently I have been a "single" Dad. When G got home last night, it was great. We went downstairs and had a big family bear hug (Benny Sandwich). This morning was no different-Benny was excited to see his Mom (and the ceiling fan in our room). We took some video of his obsession with fans. We also took some pics of him just playing around in the family room. He is getting bigger, and based on the fact that he pulls himself up with every opportunity-he'll be walking soon. Here is another pic of him with his big cousin-Carly.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm tired and my eyes are bleary. Staring at spreadsheets, filling out endless numbers for accountants can take a toll on mind and eyes. Hmm...maybe I cannot stop this blogging stuff after all.

I have been going through a question in my mind this week. This question really comes from two stories that are bouncing in my mind. I remember seeing a documentary on Medal of Honor recipients. One in particular was awarded the MOH personally from President Truman (WWII for you historically-challenged folks). When Harry S. draped the medal around the soldier-I believe awarded for action on Iwo Jima-he leaned over and whispered that he would rather have the MOH than be President. The witty soldier replied that he would be willing to switch.

Throughout this Winter Olympic games, I have seen some great "human interest" stories produced on certain athletes. One such story featured a Croatian brother and sister who have medaled this week. Growing up, they had no money or fancy equipment, but their father trained them in this war-torn country. No mention of a mother, but the sister (who has 4 gold medals to her name) has overcome 11 knee surgeries. They are "heroes" in their country. The siblings simply define themselves as skiers. Not heroes.

So here we have 2 awards given to individuals considered heroes by some, for their specific accomplishments. Interestingly enough the reciepients usually don't see themselves as heroes-we'll unless you are Alberto Tomba (Italian egotistical skier from the past).

Here is my pondering thought:

Would you rather be awarded the Medal of Honor, or an Olympic Gold?


OK, OK, I will relent. While I don't find it that hard to let the computer sit idle-it is a bit more challenging not to post new pics of Benny. I am a proud Dad. Actually this will be therapeutic today. G and B are in OKC this weekend. Out of habit I woke up at 5:30-strangely enough to silence. This is about the time Benny starts making his stirring sounds. Let me reitirate this statement. I woke up to silence, meaning the absence of hearing Benny. As usual, I woke up to an AM sports show. When G and B are gone, I have a habit of listening to sports radio before going to bed. The problem is that I tend to leave it on all night.

Before today got started I watched a few episodes of Adoption Stories on the Discovery Health channel. Jackpot! They were Guatemalan stories. This is a great award-winning series based on the adoptive journeys to unite families with their children. I will not be idle today. I need to finish the basement, work on taxes, clean the house, do a bit of studying. I had thought about getting a last-minute flight to OKC, but had already agreed to lead singing on Sunday. I'll make the best out of my bachelor weekend.

The top picture reveals a cute habit that Benny has when being fed-he crosses his feet. The middle picture was taken the other day in the spare bedroom. This is to show that Benny still has crazy hair. I wanted to throw in the last picture, because I like their cute feet.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

CIAO for now

When we were living in CO, occasionally the mood would hit us. We then would bow down, obey our cravings and drive to Castle Rock. This is where our favorite fast food restaurant was located. Sonic. SInce we moved, a new Sonic was put in close to our old house in Highlands Ranch. Oh well, so much for timing.

Here at our new stomping grounds, we have not abandoned our old ways. Sometimes the cravings just hit. G came back with lunch yesterday. Being good parents, we wanted to introduce B to Sonic. He liked the onion ring batter, but Really liked the vanilla malt. Here are a few pics of his first Sonic experience. It almost seems like he is mesmorized by the malt, but's hard to tell, when you have huge eyes to begin with.

Today will be my last entry this month. Instead of blogging and surfing, I have made a committment to study, read and pray. I need to sharpen my spiritual sword, instead of wasting time on the web. I'll be checking emails this month, but that's just about it. See you next month.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The lights go dim. The stage is set. The audience has filled the arena to capacity. The act isn't original, and the chords are few. Suddenly the IMac blares out the musicians favorite singing and strumming partner.

"My garden is filled with papayas and mangos. My life is a mixture of reggaes and tangos. Taste for the good life, I can't live it no other way. While out on the beach there are 2 empty chairs that say more than the people that ever sat there.......

Love is a wave building to a crescendo. Ride if you will, ride it with me...."

--Jimmy Buffett (Lone Palm)

Today is a crescendo. While I do have daily highlights like giving BB a bath, and picking him up out of his crib in the early morning (the only time he hangs on my neck). My weekly highlight is Thursdays. Convention says I should be building my business. My heart says-I have a business in order to be able to do exactly this. I'm not your average bootstrap business guy, I guess. I don't posess the traditional sense of competition and drive on the entrepreneur scale. It definitely fades down a notch when it comes to wanting to spend time with Benny. Is it wrong to think that God will somehow pick up the slack? I hope not. So there it stands.

On Thursdays I'll continue with the private concerts and teach him good things like Jimmy Buffett lyrics.

After all, "Jolly Mon Sing", and I am a Jolly Man-Mon !

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I must be out of it. By this I mean out of the demographics of people that actually watch the Grammys. When we got home from church tonight, we flipped on the Grammys. What I saw I couldn't relate to. Am I getting old? How is it that I don't know these performers? What happened to U2, JCMellencamp, Bruuuuce (although I don't like his politics), Jimmy Buffett, and the others that I would consider staples in the industry? Is there no love? Are they indeed staples, or just old paperclips and newsclippings? Am I really that out of touch with what is going on? Awww, who cares. I'll just go peek in on Benny, then read a book.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I just checked in on our little Bambino. He is precious, but really babbles alot and makes a fair amount of noise in his sleep. I do not like the sound monitors that accompany having a child, but at least find it a good excuse to see Him one last time for the night.

I slowly opened the door, and looked at him in the dimly lit room as he was drifting into Sleepy Land. After studying his face and crazy hair, I put the NuNu back in his mouth, then gently shut the door.

What a great end to a wonderful night with our Boy.

Hopefully you out there in Blog-o-land are experiencing this very thing tonight, or at least remembering when you were at the helm.

Tonight I am studying 3 Apostles to teach on tomorrow night. There isn't much written about Judas (not Iscariot). Nonetheless, I like his gentle spirit.

Here is a pic of G's favorite commercial. It is a hoot!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Time to plot a jail break? After being up for less than a week, the secondary piviting and locking security system (ie: Baby Gate) was tested. Our little assailant wasn't sure what to make of it. Actually he wasn't sure how to let go of the bars and stand up at the same time. All he needs is a tin cup to clink on the bars. Man does he have it good. 3 square meals and unlimited diapers.

Here is a very hurried shot of Benny getting ready to try and touch the fan. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he can be on the floor or in my arms when he reaches out. He always has faith that it will happen.

Last night I talked with a former client from CO. We hadn't talked in over 2 years. It seems Marc is in town visiting his girlfriend in St Charles. We are going to try and have lunch tomorrow. It's always nice to touch the past with suprises like this.

If anyone has any ideas on topics to study for a mens class, I am all ears. I volunteered to teach (hopefully co-teach if I can get a recruit) next quarter in our Wed Mens class.

Oh yeah. My prediction for Superbowl XL. Steelers 27, Seahawks 24. Given my record at predictions, take this with a grain of salt.

Did anyone watch he Duke/Boston College game last night? What a barnburner with Duke winning out in hostile territory. I would love to go back to Duke to watch another game with Darrel, Mark and John. (hint, hint). By the way-Did you know that Shelden Williams' Dad played at Oklahoma Christian?