Monday, February 27, 2006

Prime Time

I am starting to get cynical and sick of primetime TV. Bring me back the Olympics any day (minus the ridiculous speedskating drama that played out this year).

First is the story of an MD bachelor who is dating a steady bevy of beauties, and systematically eliminating each of them (of course after the obligitory steamy hottub sessions). Do they want to be famous, or find a perfect match? I have to admit, the best part is watching the scenery of Paris and Europe.

Second is an All-American version of legalized gambling, in the form of a new gameshow. Choose the right briefcase, and you could win $1 or up to $1MM. Tonight I watched a policeman from Vegas almost fritter away many years' worth of salary-in the name of greed. It's a good thing he had a "financial adviser" in Trump in his corner giving advice. Sheesh.

Third is purely All-American. The Donald's Apprentice. I'm tired of cutthroat, misguided egomaniacs thinking that success can only be defined with a stab in the back, and a nice $250k salary for a year.

Where was the best show tonight? Our basement. Here is a series of pics of Benny hanging around until Mama came home. Now this is newsworthy in our house. Primetime at it's best!!!

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bradfordlstevens said...

I agree with your assessment that most prime time TV is bubblegum for the brain. Interacting with one's children is a far better way to spend the evening.