Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I must be out of it. By this I mean out of the demographics of people that actually watch the Grammys. When we got home from church tonight, we flipped on the Grammys. What I saw I couldn't relate to. Am I getting old? How is it that I don't know these performers? What happened to U2, JCMellencamp, Bruuuuce (although I don't like his politics), Jimmy Buffett, and the others that I would consider staples in the industry? Is there no love? Are they indeed staples, or just old paperclips and newsclippings? Am I really that out of touch with what is going on? Awww, who cares. I'll just go peek in on Benny, then read a book.

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bradfordlstevens said...

You know Mariah just does not sing like she used to anymore. Brittany should be charged with child endangerment. What is the world coming to? [Answer: Judgment Day!]

Benny is so blessed to have you two as parents!