Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm tired and my eyes are bleary. Staring at spreadsheets, filling out endless numbers for accountants can take a toll on mind and eyes. Hmm...maybe I cannot stop this blogging stuff after all.

I have been going through a question in my mind this week. This question really comes from two stories that are bouncing in my mind. I remember seeing a documentary on Medal of Honor recipients. One in particular was awarded the MOH personally from President Truman (WWII for you historically-challenged folks). When Harry S. draped the medal around the soldier-I believe awarded for action on Iwo Jima-he leaned over and whispered that he would rather have the MOH than be President. The witty soldier replied that he would be willing to switch.

Throughout this Winter Olympic games, I have seen some great "human interest" stories produced on certain athletes. One such story featured a Croatian brother and sister who have medaled this week. Growing up, they had no money or fancy equipment, but their father trained them in this war-torn country. No mention of a mother, but the sister (who has 4 gold medals to her name) has overcome 11 knee surgeries. They are "heroes" in their country. The siblings simply define themselves as skiers. Not heroes.

So here we have 2 awards given to individuals considered heroes by some, for their specific accomplishments. Interestingly enough the reciepients usually don't see themselves as heroes-we'll unless you are Alberto Tomba (Italian egotistical skier from the past).

Here is my pondering thought:

Would you rather be awarded the Medal of Honor, or an Olympic Gold?


bradfordlstevens said...

All I want is the crown of life!

Conni H. said...

I don't need either. I just want to be able to go to bed at night knowing that I made a difference in just one person's life, even if in just a very small way.