Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I just checked in on our little Bambino. He is precious, but really babbles alot and makes a fair amount of noise in his sleep. I do not like the sound monitors that accompany having a child, but at least find it a good excuse to see Him one last time for the night.

I slowly opened the door, and looked at him in the dimly lit room as he was drifting into Sleepy Land. After studying his face and crazy hair, I put the NuNu back in his mouth, then gently shut the door.

What a great end to a wonderful night with our Boy.

Hopefully you out there in Blog-o-land are experiencing this very thing tonight, or at least remembering when you were at the helm.

Tonight I am studying 3 Apostles to teach on tomorrow night. There isn't much written about Judas (not Iscariot). Nonetheless, I like his gentle spirit.

Here is a pic of G's favorite commercial. It is a hoot!

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