Sunday, February 12, 2006

CIAO for now

When we were living in CO, occasionally the mood would hit us. We then would bow down, obey our cravings and drive to Castle Rock. This is where our favorite fast food restaurant was located. Sonic. SInce we moved, a new Sonic was put in close to our old house in Highlands Ranch. Oh well, so much for timing.

Here at our new stomping grounds, we have not abandoned our old ways. Sometimes the cravings just hit. G came back with lunch yesterday. Being good parents, we wanted to introduce B to Sonic. He liked the onion ring batter, but Really liked the vanilla malt. Here are a few pics of his first Sonic experience. It almost seems like he is mesmorized by the malt, but's hard to tell, when you have huge eyes to begin with.

Today will be my last entry this month. Instead of blogging and surfing, I have made a committment to study, read and pray. I need to sharpen my spiritual sword, instead of wasting time on the web. I'll be checking emails this month, but that's just about it. See you next month.


bradfordlstevens said...

You can study, pray and blog at the same time! Did you go to the sonic in Brentwood? It is hard to beat the Cherry limeaid there!

Love the Benny pix! He is a doll. Don't forsake your blogging completely. We need our Benny reports from time to time.

God bless,

Coping said...

Not even pictures of Benny?????