Saturday, February 18, 2006


OK, OK, I will relent. While I don't find it that hard to let the computer sit idle-it is a bit more challenging not to post new pics of Benny. I am a proud Dad. Actually this will be therapeutic today. G and B are in OKC this weekend. Out of habit I woke up at 5:30-strangely enough to silence. This is about the time Benny starts making his stirring sounds. Let me reitirate this statement. I woke up to silence, meaning the absence of hearing Benny. As usual, I woke up to an AM sports show. When G and B are gone, I have a habit of listening to sports radio before going to bed. The problem is that I tend to leave it on all night.

Before today got started I watched a few episodes of Adoption Stories on the Discovery Health channel. Jackpot! They were Guatemalan stories. This is a great award-winning series based on the adoptive journeys to unite families with their children. I will not be idle today. I need to finish the basement, work on taxes, clean the house, do a bit of studying. I had thought about getting a last-minute flight to OKC, but had already agreed to lead singing on Sunday. I'll make the best out of my bachelor weekend.

The top picture reveals a cute habit that Benny has when being fed-he crosses his feet. The middle picture was taken the other day in the spare bedroom. This is to show that Benny still has crazy hair. I wanted to throw in the last picture, because I like their cute feet.

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Conni H. said...

we've missed you...welcome back.

Thanks for posting new pics... have I mentioned how cute I think he is?