Sunday, May 20, 2007

Here's whats up: Benny knows his ABC's and can count to 10. We are doing some minor construction in the house and his allergies are kicking up. Luckily I played golf with his pediatrician on Saturday, who suggested Children's Claritin--1/2 tablet. His nose pretty much dried up, etc...however, he is acting like he's on speed. This was also confirmed by my Sunday School sources. Just like when we gave him Codeine...Benny is hopping off the walls. I love him just the same, but come on..take a nap, please!

Last night I was rocking him and he said "Love You Daddy". That is my highlight for the week. There's something quite reassuring when you receive unsolicited affection from your child, don't you think. Even if it is limited to 3 words.

Bennys' Mama was in Boston this week, and managed to catch up with some Colorado/California friends on the same trip. She was excited to rekindle the friendships and conversations.

This weekend, we rec'd the Holt International monthly magazine. It is hard to think of having another child in the house, but I am really looking forward to this process for our little girl from Korea. I don't even know if she is born, but we have faith that God has planned our family from the beginning. Because of this, I do not worry about the details. Infant/Young Girl/Sibling Group/Special Needs does not matter to me one iota. He is in control. After all, Benny was originally supposed to be a Korean Girl...and look what God blessed us with...our sweet Latino! There was a touching article in the magazine of a little girl in a Korean orphanage that was needing her Forever Family. By the end of the article, I was ready to hop a flight and pick her up.

This week is going to be busy, but come next week, I know for a fact that Benny is looking forward to seeing Decker, Drew, Jessica, Carly and Abby...among others.

Books on my stand:

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
The Power Of Positive Living by Norman Vincent Peale
The Mens Study Bible

Ed, that was a stellar class today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For a good laugh, check out The Onion every once in a while.

In The Know: Our Troops In Iraq

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OK Cards fans, what do you think of this article? Is there a LaRussa / Hancock connection?

J A Adande is a very good writer who has written some thiings that is sure to rub some the wrong way.

When this season comes to a close, I'm wondering if the most talked about sweep, is the one that was swept under the rug.,1,5294710,full.column?coll=la-utilities-sports

Monday, May 07, 2007

Just Friday I was wondering what became of Roger Clemens. Did he just fly under the radar, only to reenter into our minds down the road when he's elegible for the Hall of Fame? I saw him pitch at the Metrodome in the very early 90's, and was amazed at how fast he burned that speedball. He was called The Rocket for a reason. I then saw him pitch a few years ago in STL. Full circle I guess.

As my mind began to wander, I was hypothesizing in my pea-brain as to which team he would "retire" with. The Red Sox...naaah. The Astros.....why? .....but I beg to ask...who wouldn't want to finish out a good career donning the pinstripes? Be honest with yourself, now! This is the stuff of legends. Almost every kids dream!

And speaking of burning...isn't there only one owner crazy enough to burn that large a pile of money ($28 Million) on top of a sinking ship like the Yankees? Not bad for a part-time gig. With a paycheck like this, he can definitely afford to buy some nice tickets to this years' World Series. I seriously doubt he'll be participating.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Have you ever seen "Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel. With the exception of "Adoption Stories", this is my pick for absolute best television show.

In 2002 I participated in a great Men's class at the Littleton C of C. We focused on John Eldredge's book, Wild At Heart. I loved this class for not only the content, but for the cross-section of men that participated. One such guy in the class struck a chord with me. Not of familiarity, but of "wow, what a great story". This guy (which shall remain anonamous) told about his severe longing as a young man, to get his fathers approval. His journey led him to the Bering Sea for a few seasons of fishing. This was his attempt to prove his manliness and (I guess) worthiness of being a son worth bragging about. He said it was dirty, dangerous and disgusting work. I don't know if his brief vocation proved anything to his Dad, but examining each episode sure made a believer out of me. There is certainly something interesting about all of these guys in boats working off Alaska's shorelines.

As I began to watch "Deadliest Catch" since the first season, I have tried to look into the guys that are showcased and wonder where they are coming from. What are their inner demons. Who are they trying to run from, or get approval from. Like many of us there are guys with addictions, anger problems, relationship problems. Some even have seemingly healthy family lives-just trying to provide a good living.

Something in an episode this season, a few weeks back, made me look at myself. One of the rougher-type captains was observing a deck-hand from a nearby ship. This deck-hand was hanging off the side of the huge boat trying to chain the Crab Pots down, to keep them from shifting in the 20' waves. The deckhand suddenly disappeared into the water. The observant captain IMMEDIATELY made a call to his crew of "Man Overboard". In the frigid waters of the Bering Sea, a few minutes will make the difference between life and death. His crew put on their dry suits and immediately began combing the waves for the fallen sailor. Amidst the buffeting waves they found him in a nick of time, and hauled him on deck. He wasn't out of the "water" yet. The effects of hypothermia can take it's toll even after being plucked out from the cold sea. The sailer was instructed to strip down and cover up with heavy blankets. His legs couldn't hardly stand the short walk to the galley. Once it was apparent the kid was safe, the captain came by. The captain is a rough guy. They embraced long and hard-not the awkward way you might think that 2 strangers would. This was a sincere bearhug. For you see...the last guy they plucked from the sea years earlier was already dead. As the tape was rolling. the saved sailer kept saying "Thank You" and "You saved my Life". He even asked for paper towels to dry his head. Because of his thankful tears, the towel never made it to his hair. In his gratitude, he forgot how cold he was. He was thankful for to his savior, to the point of tears.

This was a great episode, but one that got me thinking about Jesus. There's a great sermon somewhere in this episode. This sailor was able to thank and physically hug his savior. The one that plucked him out from certain death. Seeing this episode made me think that I really need to grow spiritually. Ever since watching this, I need to visualize Jesus as the sea captain that was willing to pluck me out of the cold waves. This episode has made me think more seriously about the term "personal savior". Make a mind to watch this episode. You might have similar thoughts.