Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hope you have enjoyed the Holidays, and plan a purposeful 2008. Here are some of my highlights from this past week:

1. Cancelling plane tickets and spending time at home with my family.
2. Working on Everlie's room (pictures soon).
3. Taking Benny to the Des Peres Lodge, where he ran through the water geysers and was a tough guy in the wave pool.
4. Christmas Morning with Geri and Benny. I don't know who banged the drums more...Benny or Daddy.
5. Knocking out many things on our family To Do list.
6. Finishing the Kite Runner (what a great book). Geri was amazed that I actually read fiction.
7. Holding Jessie Gill at church. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and for whatever reason went over to Laura during the sermon to give her a break. I truly admire their family. Not too many are willing to take care of babies that have many medical challenges and aren't long for this world like Jessie. I think he is a beautiful little boy that can touch lives if you let him.
8. Downloading this song. Hey, sometimes I like Top 40. Sean Kingston has an interesting past. While he is only 17, he probably feels a bit older. As a young kid he spent 21 days living in his Mom's car while she was incarcerated, and managed to start a nice singing career despite some obvious setbacks. Other than these facts, he and Fergie sound great together.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Pirate Looks At 61 (with another drummer)

Jimmy Buffett turned 61 today. If he's looking to replace Robert Greenidge (trivia answer to the Coral Reefer drummer), here's your man!

Aside from the current child labor laws...he's got the look (what band doesn't want a drummer sporting a diaper and onesie), the charisma, the "it" factor. More importantly, the skills. He will also make the audience clap.

Mission Accomplished

This evening we laid low, having MiMi (ie: Amanda) over for dinner, then watching It's A Wonderful Life (while Benny obsessed over the DVD version of Frosty The Snowman...over and over, again). I ended up the evening putting together this sweet little drum set from Costco (despite it's missing a few parts), and watching a Rick Warren Christmas Special on TV, while everyone was snug in their beds waiting for Santa.

Oh yeah...Santa ate the cookies at 12:09am. Santa raved about the Sugar Cookies, but was very ambivilent about the Pillsbury Ginger Snaps. Although Santa understands that beggars can't be choosers, he politely requested Sugar Cookies and Snickerdoodles next year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

After reading Eric McPherson's most recent post (click on his blog to the right), I do understand how the actions of little kids can send you to the moon.

Thursday morning our wonderful son gleefully played with the running faucet in our bathroom. Usually not a big deal, but I was in the shower and didn't notice that the faucet was pointed outside the sink. I had to send him away....Geri has this thing about disciplining when displaying anger...I then mopped up our floor, then went downstairs. Our babysitter was wondering why water was dripping through the kitchen ceiling/wall. Again, not to display anger...I slouched my way to work, stinging from this issue and the fact that he took a marker to my headrest and door panel on the way to Avion's house the previous night.

Reminds me of Seinfeld....Serenity Now.......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....our boy loves building snowmen, making snowballs, throwing snowballs, and finally tearinig down snowmen. What can I say...maybe we should move back to the mtns.

This other picture was taken at Mur's house on Thanksgiving. I have a beautiful family. I can't wait until the 4 of us can actually be in the same picture.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sensing the coming snows, Benny squeezes in one last mulching before heading inside. It's never too late to earn some brownie points for Santa.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oklahoma At 70 MPH

Call me crazy (some do, and I know who you are!). I think Oklahoma is pretty. Here are a few snaps from the highway between Enid and Woodward. You know what else is a welcome sight in Oklahoma? Ted's Cafe Escondido. St Louis is nice, but the Mexican food is slim pickens...with the exception of Pueblo Solis. Teds Rules!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I was weak and buckled under spousal pressure. We "upgraded" to a pre-lit tree...before Christmas. Somehow 25% off doesn't seem like the bargain it should be. In the end, marital harmony is worth more than the 75% post-Christmas deep discount. Benny's ornery-ness wasn't providing much familial harmony, though (pictures 2,3)...unless you enjoy seeing your kids break ornaments, overturn chairs, run around with huge strands of bells and beads...Heaven help us with 2 babes.

Marital harmony or not...I refuse to get rid of the epic Beavis & Butthead ornaments. Call me crazy. I'm still miffed at having to give up my favorite green sweater years ago. My battle line has been drawn.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Interview With God

First it was Naked Benny With Cowboy Boots. Next it was Benny With MaMa's High Heels. Now the latest bribe picture is Flower Child Benny. It's nice having a goofy kid. Hopefully he will grow up and think it's nice to have goofy-picture taking parents. He really has no choice. I'll always look for the photo-op's.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our sweet girlie girl

How do you love someone you have never met??? It's simple when you adopt.

When it was official that Everlie was going to be part of our family, we were told the initial pictures were the only ones we would see. Since we aren't getting her before Christmas, I'll consider this a nice little gift.

Yep, we're in love!