Monday, December 10, 2007

I was weak and buckled under spousal pressure. We "upgraded" to a pre-lit tree...before Christmas. Somehow 25% off doesn't seem like the bargain it should be. In the end, marital harmony is worth more than the 75% post-Christmas deep discount. Benny's ornery-ness wasn't providing much familial harmony, though (pictures 2,3)...unless you enjoy seeing your kids break ornaments, overturn chairs, run around with huge strands of bells and beads...Heaven help us with 2 babes.

Marital harmony or not...I refuse to get rid of the epic Beavis & Butthead ornaments. Call me crazy. I'm still miffed at having to give up my favorite green sweater years ago. My battle line has been drawn.


Fred said...

Love the B&B ornament.

Bonnie Bassham said...

It is so funny that you have an ornament like that that you insist on putting on the tree. My sympathies to Geri.
Brian got a plastic ornament out of a cereal box when we first got married that he puts up every year. I keep moving it to the back of the tree and it somehow ends up in the front every year...go figure!
I guess those are the sort of Christmas memories that make Christmas so special, no matter how ridiculous!
Bonnie Bassham

Anonymous said...

Next year you need to take Geri, Benny & Everlie deep into the woods and cut down a tree! That would make you perspective on a prelit tree better!

Jenna G said...

I love you Eric!

Love the look on Geri's face in picture number 2 also!!

Really makes me miss you guys all the more....

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. My goal is to have our Christmas cards in the mail before Valentine's Day. I'm reaching for the stars this year I know!