Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oklahoma At 70 MPH

Call me crazy (some do, and I know who you are!). I think Oklahoma is pretty. Here are a few snaps from the highway between Enid and Woodward. You know what else is a welcome sight in Oklahoma? Ted's Cafe Escondido. St Louis is nice, but the Mexican food is slim pickens...with the exception of Pueblo Solis. Teds Rules!


Bonnie Bassham said...

I think you know that I have to respond! Drive down to Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO and we will show you what mexican food is supposed to taste like. They don't play around down here. Believe it or not, some Americans do not know where New Mexico is on a map and still think it is not a state...sad but true. Did you know that New Mexico is the only state that has "USA" on their license plate? Enough said.

EBC said...

NM and AZ are indeed exquisite on Mexican Food.

The Robinsons said...

OK man, now I know that you are the eternal optimist when you consider Oklahoma pretty (but that's what I love about you:). I think you have been drinking the Sooner Kool-Aid way too long. I guess when you think Oklahoma is pretty that makes just about everything else like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!