Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hope you have enjoyed the Holidays, and plan a purposeful 2008. Here are some of my highlights from this past week:

1. Cancelling plane tickets and spending time at home with my family.
2. Working on Everlie's room (pictures soon).
3. Taking Benny to the Des Peres Lodge, where he ran through the water geysers and was a tough guy in the wave pool.
4. Christmas Morning with Geri and Benny. I don't know who banged the drums more...Benny or Daddy.
5. Knocking out many things on our family To Do list.
6. Finishing the Kite Runner (what a great book). Geri was amazed that I actually read fiction.
7. Holding Jessie Gill at church. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and for whatever reason went over to Laura during the sermon to give her a break. I truly admire their family. Not too many are willing to take care of babies that have many medical challenges and aren't long for this world like Jessie. I think he is a beautiful little boy that can touch lives if you let him.
8. Downloading this song. Hey, sometimes I like Top 40. Sean Kingston has an interesting past. While he is only 17, he probably feels a bit older. As a young kid he spent 21 days living in his Mom's car while she was incarcerated, and managed to start a nice singing career despite some obvious setbacks. Other than these facts, he and Fergie sound great together.


bradfordlstevens said...

The Gills are amazing in that this is not the first child like this whom they have taken into their family. There is no higher demonstration of love than caring for a child who is without family. While I suspect the ultimate reward is even greater in the next lifetime, the power of such love blesses everyone whom it touches. I believe that when you a hold a child like this, one is very close to the heart of God.

I like Fergie's version better!

EBC said...

Brad. You are a hoot. I downloaded Fergies version as well.

Anonymous said...

LOVE FERGIE!!!!! I agree with Mr Brad though, her alone version is better. Did you catch her on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve? She was one of the hosts and sang that song!
Karen T