Saturday, December 22, 2007

After reading Eric McPherson's most recent post (click on his blog to the right), I do understand how the actions of little kids can send you to the moon.

Thursday morning our wonderful son gleefully played with the running faucet in our bathroom. Usually not a big deal, but I was in the shower and didn't notice that the faucet was pointed outside the sink. I had to send him away....Geri has this thing about disciplining when displaying anger...I then mopped up our floor, then went downstairs. Our babysitter was wondering why water was dripping through the kitchen ceiling/wall. Again, not to display anger...I slouched my way to work, stinging from this issue and the fact that he took a marker to my headrest and door panel on the way to Avion's house the previous night.

Reminds me of Seinfeld....Serenity Now.......


Ed. Tritschler said...

This too shall pass away.One of my favorite preachers Brother Paul challenges us to be

Anonymous said...

Remind Edward to tell you about the time (we had just moved in) when KK took green crayon to the upstairs hall and was VERY proud of her art work!
Mr Clean Magic Erasers work great, just don't let Benny use it.

Jenna G said...

I feel your pain. Jillian took a blue soccer ball stamp and very quietly and quickly decorated the furnace intake vent, the linen closet door, the hall wall, the bathroom door, the bathroom wall and the floor in the hall.

As I'm yelling "what are you doing?" (even though the answer is very obvious) and Jillian is answering "I'm stamping soccer balls on walls Mommy" (even though the answer is obvious) Jimmy is running from the room to do something about the sudden attack of whopping cough he's developed to cover the giggles.

Evaluating the artistic elements of her graffiti, she not only had stationary soccer balls, she also included ones that give the appearance of movement as she dragged the stamped 15 inches down the wall!

Love you guys. Go Benny!