Monday, May 07, 2007

Just Friday I was wondering what became of Roger Clemens. Did he just fly under the radar, only to reenter into our minds down the road when he's elegible for the Hall of Fame? I saw him pitch at the Metrodome in the very early 90's, and was amazed at how fast he burned that speedball. He was called The Rocket for a reason. I then saw him pitch a few years ago in STL. Full circle I guess.

As my mind began to wander, I was hypothesizing in my pea-brain as to which team he would "retire" with. The Red Sox...naaah. The Astros.....why? .....but I beg to ask...who wouldn't want to finish out a good career donning the pinstripes? Be honest with yourself, now! This is the stuff of legends. Almost every kids dream!

And speaking of burning...isn't there only one owner crazy enough to burn that large a pile of money ($28 Million) on top of a sinking ship like the Yankees? Not bad for a part-time gig. With a paycheck like this, he can definitely afford to buy some nice tickets to this years' World Series. I seriously doubt he'll be participating.


bradfordlstevens said...

I have to admit that I wish the Cardinals could have enticed him! We could have even thrown in a Mark Mulder! :-)

Ed. Tritschler said...

What are you smoking?
The Cardinals have ENOUGH old,over the hill pitchers and especially hitters.
My prediction for 2007 is Mark Mulder will win more games than ROGER!!!!!!!!