Thursday, February 09, 2006

The lights go dim. The stage is set. The audience has filled the arena to capacity. The act isn't original, and the chords are few. Suddenly the IMac blares out the musicians favorite singing and strumming partner.

"My garden is filled with papayas and mangos. My life is a mixture of reggaes and tangos. Taste for the good life, I can't live it no other way. While out on the beach there are 2 empty chairs that say more than the people that ever sat there.......

Love is a wave building to a crescendo. Ride if you will, ride it with me...."

--Jimmy Buffett (Lone Palm)

Today is a crescendo. While I do have daily highlights like giving BB a bath, and picking him up out of his crib in the early morning (the only time he hangs on my neck). My weekly highlight is Thursdays. Convention says I should be building my business. My heart says-I have a business in order to be able to do exactly this. I'm not your average bootstrap business guy, I guess. I don't posess the traditional sense of competition and drive on the entrepreneur scale. It definitely fades down a notch when it comes to wanting to spend time with Benny. Is it wrong to think that God will somehow pick up the slack? I hope not. So there it stands.

On Thursdays I'll continue with the private concerts and teach him good things like Jimmy Buffett lyrics.

After all, "Jolly Mon Sing", and I am a Jolly Man-Mon !


Conni H. said...

its not too late to share those private concerts with the rest of us on saturday night at the church!

JuJu said...

Enjoy your time one-on-one with Benny and don't feel guilty! These are the important things in life!! It all goes by too fast! We get so bogged down by every day life that it is easy to forget the good things are so close!!