Monday, May 23, 2005


Large project finished Wed night. Drove out to Augusta Thursday morning for Jessica's graduation. Back from Augusta Sunday night. Flying out to OKC tomorrow morning to see my niece Graduate from Kingfisher HS. I remember back in 1988 when Nichole lived on campus at OCC (or OC or OCUSA depending on your viewpoint). Laura was finishing up her schooling, and Granny graciously stayed on campus to help out with Nichole. It seems like a lifetime ago, but the river of life just keeps a chuggin' along. I am excited for what her future holds, but (like a good uncle) want to make sure she has a plan, and on a good path with her new independence. She is enrolled at NOC to sit at the feet of Uncle Glenn, and learn photography. For that she is in good hands.

There is much more to post on, but need to wait.

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Jana Banana said...

Hi, Eeek!

Happy Birthday!!! Can it be 18 years since we all turned 21?? Cool to think we've all known each other more than half our lives;)