Thursday, May 12, 2005


Last night I finished a project in Wildwood, and promptly had zero time to prepare for class. I love the Beth Moore study books, but am finding it difficult to find time do the lessons and prepare for class.

Tuesday night I experienced the fun part of my business. This is when we fire up the outdoor lights for the first time, make adjustments and additions, and soak in the finished "visual portrait" (nice buzz-word in my biz). The ingredients to outoor lighting are so representative of life and relationships. You have darkness, light, a power source, many can make your own storyline.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new large project in Columbia. I am hoping the weather cooperates, and doesn't rain us out. Meanwhile, I am still trying to find time to put together a business plan for a new startup at the beginning of next year. During the next few weeks, we will be travelling to Augusta, Oklahoma City, and Neosho. I think there will be some time to squeeze in some strategery (as GWB would say).


Nancy said...

Just read through a couple weeks of your blogs!! I'm so glad to see what is going on with you! Sounds like you business is going well - and that Geri is doing well. I can't wait to see Benjamin - your dad had sent me the picture. I'm really glad you are getting a chance to do something you are enjoying!

I can't believe you are feeling old - you have another year before turning 40 (well, a year in about 13 days?!).

I've done several Beth Moore studies - I have really enjoyed them - except for the stress of finding time to keep up with the daily studies!!

Later, N.

Jana Banana said...

Eek -
I enjoyed reading your reflections -- you are so philosophical! You are such a good writer and it is neat to be able to see into your heart, my friend.

We need you to come out and light our new landscaping! then we can step back and soak in the visual portrait, while slapping mosquitoes!!

Congratulations on the birth of your son. You will be such a wonderful father. I know you both have to be so impatient to see him and love him!

Jamie turns 14 in 19 days... Barry let him drive the volvo around the church parking lot the other night. Visions of things to come... Please come see us soon

Love to Geri.