Monday, May 02, 2005

His 9th Habit

Business is very good. The funny thing is I seem to be losing the small bids, but getting the huge jobs. I am finishing up a grand sized job this week. Within a few weeks I'll be working on projects for one of MO's few billionaires, as well as a well-to-do automotive executive here in STL. Both look like fun projects. The good thing is that my business doesn't seem like "work".

I have been talking about co-teaching another mens class at church this fall, but have decided to back away from it for now. Since we will be picking up Benjamin at some point, I have this feeling it will put me over my head with all other responsibilities I am signing up for. Meanwhile, our summer is filling up. Geri and I will be going to Neosho for Memorial Day weekend to see friends in Gravette, AR. I will be heading out to OKC and Augusta, GA in May for high school graduations. In June, we will be heading out to Hilton Head for an Edward Jones meeting. In July, we will be travelling to Denver to see friends on the 4th. I also am helping to plan a mens mtn climbing trip/devotional/celebration of God weekend to take place this summer. We might take a trip to Guatemala to see Benjamin (and to expedite the adoption process). Above all of this I want to plan a little getaway just for Geri and I-I'm thinking @ Satellite Beach, FL. This is where a good friend lives, and the beaches are beautiful. After this, hopefully we are done with this travelling thing for awhile---with the exception of picking up Benjamin in Guatemala. There is no place like home!

Being the master of the obvious, I think my wife is beautiful. On Saturday, Geri attended an annual Edward Jones Top Producer meeting this weekend and received a great compliment from their guest speaker. Geri went up to talk to him after the presentation, and he told Geri she was "Very Beautiful". She came home with a big smile. A nice compliment goes a long way. I guess paying nice compliments is a habit that Stephen Covey puts into practice very well.

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