Friday, April 29, 2005

The Simple Life

I love the simpler things in life. I prefer a standard cell phone (no PDA, streaming video, pictures), a simple movie where good triumphs over evil, a game of Pong instead of the XCube, and getting plain-colored clothes, instead of the funky stuff that Geri picks out sometimes. Probably most evident of my "simple life" is food. Give me a cheeseburger, burrito, hot dog, any ole' steak (who cares about the "cut")-and I'm in hog heaven.

Tonight I am eating before Geri gets home. My menu of choice is shells and stewed tomatoes. To me this defines Comfort Food. I remember many times hopping over to Jefferson Street for a quick meal with Grandma. Despite her arthritis, she was an incredible cook-probably out of necessity with so many men in the house, and later an extensive extended family. But I digress...this is simply a great and quick meal that I associate with many shared memories. Comfort Food.

Tied for first place on the Comfort Food meal list is Grannys fried tacos. Same story, but Geri likes these better (as a meal) than just shells and tomatoes.

Another tie for first place-dessert menu category is Grandma's Sugar Cookies (both dough in the freezer, and baked. I just love the skim of sugar on top of the cookies. I relished (bad pun) the thought of the Sugar Cookie Care Package. Great tasting even if completely broken and crumbled in the zip lock bag. The other winner is Grandma's Apple Butter.

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