Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Greatest Generation?

Life is good. I sent off the final adoption/acceptance paperwork packet to Dillon Int'l this morning, and am quite jazzed about having a boy. Since we are bumping into Tax Day, I decided to get my rump into gear and sign the mountains of 2004 tax paperwork the CPA gave us.

This week I am having to double up on my lessons for Wednesday. Geri and I frittered away the weekend in Washington D.C. She went up for a symposium, and I flew out on Friday morning. What an incredible city (except for the traffic). We spent Friday going to the Air and Space portion of the Smithsonian, walking The Mall, and visiting the WWII memorial. We also reunited with Jason and Amanda Carter. We spent good time with them in Denver, and love them dearly.

Since we travel so much all over the world, it is easy to take these little breaks for granted. It seems that we go on 1 or 2 big trips a year without a thought (and countless weekenders), all the while the same trips are "trips of a lifetime" for others. I am humble and feel blessed though.

It was stirring to walk The Mall. I couldn't help but think of the great events that shaped our country, that happened right there. I might be wrong, but isn't this where MLK shared "His Dream" with a country full of hatred and racism? Awesome. Of course I was also wondering how many times during the Cold War, Russian spies contacted American turncoats right here in this parcel of land.

The most emotional event was when we visited the WWII Memorial. I was almost moved to tears knowing the sacrifices these men and women made in those dark days. I took a great picture of an elderly gentleman (with his veterans cap) standing by an inscription describing their sacrifices during that time. I also took a picture of the section honoring the battles/veterans who fought in Luzon, where my dad's uncle Jiggs got killed. They were/are certainly a Great Generation.

I have a problem with the term, "The Greatest Generation". It has been too limiting in praise. I absolutely feel that someone who volunteers (or might be drafted)...well, anyone that goes to war, has the right to be considered part of a "Great Generation". It is asking something significant to have them possibly die in a foreign field. I think not only of guys I know that fought the "Good War", where Hitler and Tojo put an evil face for us to fight against. I also think of others that were asked to put their life on the line-no matter what war! What about Jimmy in Bosnia, Jason in Somalia, Jay in Iraq, The soldier I met going over to Iraq this past fall (who was visibly shaking). What about Larry's efforts leading river boats in Viet Nam, or my friend from North MacArthur (part of the Frozen Chosin). These soldiers deserve the utmost honor and gratitude irregardless of which war, skirmish, military action they took part in. Yes our grandfathers were part of a Great Generation. They dealt with events such as the Depression, having to go without jobs, food, the prospect of not having a job, the prospect of maybe not having supper. After that, many dealt with the real problems of possibly dying in a strange land away from family. (ie: Hershel Luck). If you haven't...get off your duff and thank a vet for their service-whether they saw action or not. All these soldiers are the "Greatest Generation"!

We'll off my soapbox. I need to study for our Bible class tomorrow.

OK, another thing I have a problem with is Fox Radio. I typically agree with their viewpoints, but resent the "Younger, Smarter, Better" slogan they constantly hit us with. Most of what I have learned in this world has come from some folks that the world might call Old and Dumb.

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Coping said...

I have a feeling I'm going to learn more about you - now that I know where your blog is. Congrats on the anticipation of your son's arrival. AA