Friday, April 29, 2005

Aint Light Great

Last night was awesome. After working all day in rain/sprinkles/drizzle/ominous threat of rain, the clouds parted enough at 7pm for me to take some great pictures of the lighting project I'm working on. I love this aspect of my business-looking at the fruit of your labor. Someone asked me what artistic abilities I have, that relate to my business. Being a photographer, I love composition and light. Landscape lighting is like designing a portrait of light that changes as the ambient light fades to nighttime.

I finally left the jobsite after my camera batteries died, but my overwhelmiing thought was that I couldn't accomplish all of this without God. He has given me great gifts in life. I feel like the conduit I use to put electrical wires in. I really have a simple task here on this earth. That is to be a conduit, and let God's power be evident in what I do. God is the one doing the work, supplying the power, and giving light to an otherwise dark world. Hopefully I am a good conduit for His light to shine through.

Today my dad leaves on a 2 week mission trip to the Ukraine. He is in my prayers.

I also want to take Geri out to a movie tonight. She has been working on a big presentation that she gives in an hour. If anyone is reading this, how about some suggestions.

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