Monday, April 04, 2005

Great day

What a day. I started by picking up the check for an upcoming job. In the land of having your own business, this is the litmus test. Where the rubber meets the road. I am always mindful that God provides.

We went to our beloved state capital to get some final adoption documents certified, and get our fingerprints done for the umpteenth time. One thing that Missouri has over Oklahoma is that our state capital actually has a dome. A capital without a dome is somewhat like ZZ Top without beards. Seems odd, but I was a great day to be with Geri. We topped it off with going to the outlet mall (somewhere off I-70). Along with the usual junk-cheap books, a casual shirt...we bought a cute shirt/sweater for our baby to-be-announced-later. If it were up to me, our baby would be dressed "Colorado". Another word for fashionably slobby. Fortunately Geri has good taste that overrides my quick decisions.

We finished the day with a run on the track. It's that time of year when the local kids start trying out. I love to see the "coach" out there interacting with the kids. He reminds me of my pee-wee football coach, Ed Gift. Even though he was a young black man in a predominately white town in SW Missouri, he was a tower of enthusiasm and integrity. Ed died at a very early age (in his 30's I believe), but left his wife and kids with a legacy of a great father and friend to many of us kids. I look forward to being this kind of dad to my kids. Money and a great house don't matter. It is the relationships you made while on earth. Thanks Ed.

If you actually read this blog. Feel free to post people that influenced you as a kid.

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Nichole Langham said...

It is Nichole. Aunt Anne (The Runner's Wife) always has infulenced me, still until this day! Her love, kindness, and generosity is what has made her one of the biggest influences in my life!