Sunday, April 24, 2005

WWDD, again

I seem to have fallen off this horse named Blog. Things have been extremely time consuming with work, as well as preparing for my Wed night lessons. There are alot of thoughts forming in my mind, but I'll pick on one from this morning.

On Sunday mornings I love to flip the TV while sipping my coffee. My quest is to find out if Joel O'S____ actually uses Jesus as a reference in his sermons. I only had 12 minutes today, but alas no mention of Him.

Today he talked about how God works in your decision making. His point was if you feel uneasy about decisions you are making at the time, God is telling you "no". His illustrations: Joel didn't buy a tie at a certain store. He had an "uneasy feeling", and did not have "Peace". Lo and behold, the same tie was 1/2 price at the next store. Praise Be!

Illustration 2: Joel's bro-in-law researched and researched for his dream truck. He backed out of the deal at the last second. He had an uneasy feeling, and did not have Peace. Lo and behold, the dealer called him back to tell him about a $5000 rebate for anyone buying that truck. Praise Be, again.

Illustration 3: "Daddy" (The patriarchal O'S____-Joel's Daddy) didn't start breaking the ground on their present Sanctuary until the 4th or 5th attempt at raising money, because he had an uneasy feeling, and did not have peace. By the way, I am convinced that Joel still has a "WWDD" bracelet on. What Would Daddy Do.

Illustration 4: The Apostle Paul. I cannot remember the verse, but evidently his scripture of the day attempted to correborate his sermon. This verse supposedly dealt with some thought that Paul did not act unless he had peace in his decision.

Joel's sermon in a nutshell: Make good decisions. If decisions you make feel good from the heart, then they are decisions in harmony with God's will.

It is interesting that he never mentioned the Prince Of Peace as an illustration, or that man's thinking is inhrently flawed, or that just having a clean conscience has no bearing on Gods will (Reference the real story of Paul (Saul), and what he did with "his" conscience.

As a motivational speaker, Joel is alright. As a preaching man of God's Word-you be the judge. I am still not impressed.

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