Sunday, April 17, 2005

Great Places

Now that I am on my way of realizing there is more places to live than Colorado, I have made a mental list. This list is comprised of places I've been, but would love to "live" there for a "season"-not permanently. Geri would probably agree on most of these. So here it goes in no particular order:

1. Paris, France
2. NYC
3. Melbourne Beach Area in Florida
4. Ste Mere Eglise, Normandy, France
5. Munich, Germany
6. Florence, Italy
7. Somewhere outside London
8. Washington D.C.
9. Rome, Italy
10. Antiqua
11, Telluride, CO (sorry, I had to sneak that in)
12. Texas Hill Country
13. Somewhere South of Cancun on the Mayan Riveiera beaches
14. Vienna, Austria
15. Durnstein, Germany (on the banks of the Danube)
16. Oklahoma City again. I still love the Sooners. This would make it easy to hit all the games in Norman
17. Hana, Maui, Hawaii
18. Keystone, CO. Only since we pay the condo mortgage every month-might as well get some use out of it. If anyone's in the market for a studio condo at the resort, let me know!

All in all, home is where Geri is (and Benjamin-soon enough). That's good enough for me.

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