Friday, April 01, 2005

Ramblin' Thoughts to start the weekend

Something big is stirring today. No, I'm not talking about the weather. I'm talking Double Date. We have some great friends who have found someone to sit for their 3 kids while we trapse through downtown St Louis tonight. With Arch Madness going on, I think we will start by having dinner at the Central West End, and then proceed downtown to see what is up, and who we can see. I would love to bump into a radio host named Tim Brando. He is excellent. Jim Rome would be fun to meet as well.

I did mention this is a double date, but there will be a 5th. Flat Stanley. He is a crayon-colored cutout that was sent to us by our nephew Matt, in Tulsa. Matt is doing a project with his class to send Flat Stanley to folks, in order to have his picture taken at interesting places around the country...or world. We will definitely introduce Flat Stanley to the Arch and Final 4 festivities. Next weekend Geri and I will be in Washington DC, so we will give FS the "tour" there as well.

My pick is for North Carolina to seal the deal down the stretch...sorry Illini fans. I like Roy Williams.

On a good note. Our adoption "switch" from Korea to Guatemala is progressing very nicely. I even had a great experience yesterday at the INS offices. No bureaucratic red-tape, just some nice ladies who were excited to help me officially switch countries to get our baby. Of course they were glad to take the $195 "change" fee. The red tape actually starts next week. To complete our dossier, we need to drive to Jefferson City to get fingerprinted (for the 4th time). I also have to have my newly delivered birth certificate "certified" while at Jeff City. I'm beginning to think this stuff is a scam to bring in $ to the gov't coffers.

Talking about our future boy, we are still debating on names. It used to be that the only criteria I had was it had to sound good over the PA system (ie: at a football or basketball game). One name I used to love was Jamelle. It sounded great at OU when they would announce Jamelle Holloway (former QB). Needless to say-naah. Geri wants a name that "means something", and both of us liked Jacob, but found out it means "deceiver". Still like it, but ...Naah. If you have suggestions, please let me in on it.

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