Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So far I'm having a pretty blessed day. Started the morning confirming a job for next week. I am also working on a landscape lighting bid for a beautiful historical home at St Albans.

This is particularly interesting not only because it would be a high-profile accomplishment, but the property sits right by a cavern that Meriwether Lewis fell off of before starting his expedition. Since I'm a descendent of Lewis, it's good to know that my propensity to accidents come naturally. Most would say I'm probably more identifiable with Gerald Ford, though. Small list of examples: Shutting my head in a car door, constantly running into door thresholds (Lasik did not help this), jumping out of a tree and spraining both ankles, jogging over a manhole cover that half-covered the hole (that hurt), getting a concussion while skateboarding, walking into several branches throughout the years, walking into women's restrooms without reading the signs. My favorite was drilling an anchor hole for shelving-right through a sewer pipe in my office, and not realizing it for a few weeks. The wall was getting soaked with each flush. Fortunately that didn't make Geri mad. What got her goat was that I started fixing it before going skiing, but left the sawed-off sewer pipe exposed the entire weekend.

On a brighter side, Geri and I decided to switch our adoption papers from Korea to Guatemela. Korea was taking too much time, and she felt a stirring for a boy from Guatemala. We should have a boy in 2005! Next I'm thinking a girl from either Korea or Kazakhstan. Aren't choices great!

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