Friday, March 18, 2005

After listening to the sermon, I still believe that women do not meet the NT qualifications for leadership positions of being an Elder or Deacon. I cannot find an example of women publically preaching or leading prayers. One might point to the culture at the time, but my observations of not having those examples of public preaching/leading prayers in the NT cause me to fall on the traditional side of this issue. I have discussed my view in a previous post however.

Trying to define a "leadership" role as having the ability to pass the Lords Supper seems a stretch. Is this "wrong"? Does the Lord frown on this? I don't know for sure. Do I want to rely on God's Grace on these issues? I do know that I am not comfortable with this. This is one of those polarizing issues which can divide the congregation (Lords Body). This is not a good thing, but the beauty of the Church is that each congregation is independent of each other. Each set of elders are accountable for their respective members, and how worship is set. If you aren't comfortable with certain practices, don't attend or visit.

Even though I do not have a comfort level with this, it makes me sad when someone from one congregation basically sentences the members of another congregation (with differing opinions) to the hell express. Whether the issue is women passing the tray, small groups, praise teams, clapping, raising hands in worship, or listing to certain types of Christian music, I tend to think that baptized believers should focus on the 99% that is agreeable instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. It also bothers me when folks write off good institutions such as ACU or Pepperdine because of their perceptions of doctrine taught. Again, how about focusing on the common denominator of being baptized into Christ for the remission of your sins?

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