Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ho hum, what to do. Since Geri is gone on a business trip, I am trying to make some good use of this free time. I have started to clean my messy office, catch up on a bit of TV (I still have lazy tendencies), and I am currently listening to a sermon which has peaked my interest. My cousin who preaches in Abilene has posted a sermon he preached in January. He speaks of the role of women in the church, and how he and his elders have interpreted the role they will have in the public worship at Highland.

It has been a longstanding tradition for me (and my family) to be stubborn and inflexible on certain issues relating to traditions in The Church. I have had a change of heart on quite a few issues for various personal reasons, and am fighting the instinct to be closed-minded. I will listen to their viewpoint.

I have alot of respect for Mike. He is a great advocate for people, and has a great heart. It is through reading some of his thoughts that I have tried to be more aware of issues such as prejudice, evangelism, and grace.

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