Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ramblin' Thoughts For The Day

1. Have you ever noticed annoying mannerisms from your parents? I have. When Dad gets a drink of water, he never finishes the last gulp. Instead he pours the last half ounce back into the sink. This always seemed strange to me, but guilty as charged. I do the same thing.

2. Is it me, or does a typical Joel O'S____ TV sermon seem light and fluffy? I don't hear too much about Jesus, but hear alot about "Daddy", and what Daddy did, or what Daddy did in a certain situation. He needs a WWDD bracelet for his flock. On Sunday he threw a curveball, and talked about his Grandma (Probably his Daddy's Daddy's Mamma). Somehow he managed to center a sermon based on her deciding to kick her snuff-chewing habit, in order to get remarried. I once heard someone comment that it's a good thing he keeps change in his pockets. Otherwise he'd be levitating above the stage, given all the lightweight helium he preaches on.

3. Other than the Bible, are there books you have read that inspire you. I have read several, but am finishing up Let's Roll. The story of Todd Beamer, who perished on 9/11 in Pennsylvania. He seems like a guy that would have been in our college buddy group. I admire his devotion to God and Family. Like anyone else our age, he was on a journey in life to balance these with work.

4. I like watching Golf on TV. Big Break III is very interesting when I can catch it. Unfortunately the last few times I have watched a tournament has been somewhat annoying. An announcer has a "nose whistle" when he breathes between shots and sentences. If anyone reading this suffers from Nose Whistle, please seek help (or blow your nose).

5. Girl Scout cookies are a racket. The girls in green get you addicted. At first you buy out of guilt and peer pressure. After all who can say no to these little angels. Once this tactic is complete, you HAVE to keep buying to support your habit. So far my total this year: 1.75 boxes of Tagalongs, 2.25 boxes of Thin Mints. Not a statistic I am proud of. I fell off the discipline bandwagon when I was "batching" it last week when Geri was gone. I'm just glad they don't sell chips and salsa throughout the year.

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