Monday, March 21, 2005

Ever had any embarrasing moments?

When we lived in Colorado, there were 4 couples that we dubbed the FCC's. The Fertility Challenged Couples. The wives were continually going through appointments and treatments, but not to be outdone, us guys were affected by this humiliating process of infertility diagnosis. It takes two to tango. We were all subjected (at separate times) to going to the same room at the same fertility clinic, getting handed a plastic cup w/ lid (usually by some stern nurse-type), and told to go in "the room" to give them a "sample" for analysis.

Finally the day arrived for me to drive down there at 7:30am. I was sweating bullets of embarrasment thinking to myself that at least it's early in the morning, and noone will bother me. Those thoughts quickly faded as soon as I hit the door. I was immediately accosted by 2 annoying pharmaceutical reps who offered me coffee and donuts. They would not take no for an answer. Needless to say, I snapped back and signed in. Not a great way to start this humbling process.

I am guessing there are some not-so-bright folks that go through this. In this room, among the nasty, earmarked magazines, and the gross furniture, was a sign that stated "Orally Obtained Samples Are Unacceptable".

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