Friday, March 04, 2005

Last week in Colorado, a mountain-radio topic revolved around a hippie author that lived outside of Aspen (Woody, CO to those that have read his books, etc.). Now I have never paid attention to his rants. I've picked up his books in the bookstore, but found it to be less than interesting. Prior tho this, my impression of this author came from his nephew. His nephew used to be my boss, but had some negative things to say about how his author-uncle treated the rest of the family.

I think I am fortunate to have some quality uncles. One had a great career in the public schools-The Fisherman. One is a renowned photographer. One is known as The Runner by his wife. I am grateful for each of these men. I have learned many good lessons based on their lives. I remember back @ 25-26 years ago this kid in church that was shifting around nervously during the "invitation song". The Runner leaned to him and said "go ahead if you need to". That kid was me, and was the start to my Christian life. For that I will always be thankful.

Cheers for those that influence others for the greater good
Jeers for others that don't care about anyone other than themselves

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