Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What a day. This morning I got a call from my 68 year old buddy, Ed. Ed is a lifelong St Louisan (I guess that is what you call us from STL). He is a retired bank president with alot of time on his hands, and he is a rabid Cardinals fan.

It turned out he had an extra ticket for this afternoons game against the Reds, so he gave me the call. Who wouldn't turn down 7th row tickets off 1st base? Well, not me. This is a prime reason I have my own business! A perk so to speak. I create my own schedule.

After watching the Reds have a field day with our star $6.5M pitcher, the Cards were finally set for a final battle in the 9th to take the win. They had been playing catch up all day long, and the bats were coming alive in the 9th. The Reds decided to intentionally walk Larry Walker (our $12.5M slugger, and a favorite of mine since his days with the Rockies), to take their chances with the heart and soul of our lineup, Albert Pulos (paltry $11M).

Now...if I were Albert....I would be mad they walked someone to get to ME for an out (of course the real ME would be in the $1,500 range). I would have hit a towering drive to rub it in their face ! The game and my All Star status would have been settled with my stick!

Alas....I'm not Albert, and all of his millions couldn't buy him out of his game-ending double-play. What a game, though! I'll be back for more.

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