Sunday, April 13, 2008

Does life seem to be passing like a speeding train through the countryside. You look up and out the window...and the landscape blurs by. My days seem to blur by like that landscape. In an effort to put the brakes on the constant motion of days (along with my stress and complaining), Geri has turned me on to "The New Earth". OK, it is on the Oprah list..which usually is filled with books that to me seem somewhat lame. I am having a tough time wading through most of it, but the nice thing is that Geri is highlighting the Cliff's Notes passages. One takeaway for me is to realize that living in THIS moment is what truly counts...this is where my kids, family and friends are. If you are like me, and obsess on the past...or what might happen in the might want to try wading through this book. All I know is that my stress level is decreasing, and I am consciously enjoying each moment with the kids and G. Check it out.

Here's what's playing on my IPod:

Snow (Hey Oh) & Dani California. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Son & Holiday. Green Day
Nothingman. Pearl Jam


Ed. Tritschler said...

You are stressed out now? patiently Wait.
Life is moving faster?
They will soon be teenagers!!!! Then tell us about stress and the speed of life.
St Louis Grandpa

bradfordlstevens said...

I think one of the secrets to learning to life life above the line of stress is the realization that one has to be focused on the present. If we worry about the future or fret over the past, it steals the joy of living in the moment. Jesus is the best example of this. He kept telling his disciples that his time had not yet come. He moved to his own pace which was focused on the kingdom as opposed to the cares of the world. I think his ability to understand people was more due to his unmarred humanity than to his power as God. Each of us has that ability to allow grace to overcome the sins in each of lives so that it can free us to see the needs of others. A parent's perspective is only the beginning of that understanding.

You are a blessed man! :-)