Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter is a love-hate subject with Benny. He hasn't embraced the Easter Bunny, he loves hunting Easter eggs-but hates the chocolate treats inside. Let me correct the last sentence. Benny loves hunting Easter eggs in a controlled environment. A picture below shows his sentiment on hunting on a very cold morning. On the other hand, Bennys Mama loves Easter...after all, it's another occasion to dress up the kiddos. As for the stickers on his face.. stickers from a book we had to buy for his "Easter Basket"...we were at Barnes & Noble when he started pulling stickers off the book (which we hadn't planned on purchasing).


Jenna G said...

Hey Eric~

I need you to do me a favor, will you email me?

Also, we "have to" buy a lot of gum that way in check-out lines. I really wonder how much stuff gets purchased that way.

Pretty pictures from Easter. I presume all is going well.

Love you guys,
Jenna and co

Nichole said...

Hey Uncle Eric-

I can't wait to meet the little girl! I am so excited.

Also, I talked to a lady, Juanita Weaver, who said she was trained by you and Dustin Surrat back in the day. I thought that that was pretty neat that she knew my uncle.

Miss you and Love you bunches! Hi to Geri and the Kids LOVE THEM TOO!!!