Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amanda takes care of Benny during the daylight hours. One curiosity I have had for quite awhile is the catchy tune that plays on her phone when she gets a call. I finally got the name of it, downloaded it, and am posting the link for the video below. Its named: These Words (I Love You, I Love You, I Love You), which is quite appropriate for us guys here at the homestead when thinking about MaMa. We can't wait to reunite in Denver verrry soon. Time to also catch up with good friends, and stock up on some Broncos gear for Benny.

Here's another picture of Benny and MaMa. She has been gone for 12 hours and miss her already.


coping said...

I cannot believe we missed you again. We are so glad to keep in touch a little though your blog. Love to all.

Jenna g said...

What an awesome picture of Geri and her boy! Gotta love those moments when the feeling is captured on film. Rarely is the moment happening where the camera is available, but oh what joy when they do.
Love you guys,

Amanda and Jason said...

What a precious picture. That is love.

love y'all (just trying to mix it up so I don't sound like Jenna),