Monday, November 05, 2007

Benny sure loves his Grandad. Is there anyone else more uniquely qualified to teach Benny about the Sooners 74, 75 and 85 championship seasons...or about great baseball stories from the past. I think not!

Here are random thoughts from this week:
1. When did smokers start thinking that throwing their cigarette butts on the sidewalk does not constitute as littering?
2. Some TV evangelists make me queezy. Among those are P Popoff If it were my call...Miracle Water would at least have infused vitamins.

3. Why are the Broncos stinking? Last Monday, I grew weary of the Brett Favre love-fest...but grew a healthy respect for Donald Driver's personal story. I am glad STL networks did not televise the Detroit game from yesterday. There's always next week, as they say. I predict an upset in KC.
4. Never let your child run around naked after their bath....when they have montezuma's revenge. Do not clean up the resulting mess with a solvent. It leaves a stain in the carpet.

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Amanda and Jason said...

#4 - You can not tell me Geri does not think that consitutes as T.M.I. (as she would say.) Remind me not walk barefoot on your carpet if we ever visit!

Where are the Halloween pictures??