Friday, May 15, 2009

These pictures really capture the realness of our kids. For whatever reason, Benny loves to play dress-up. He will wear anything...including Everlie's dance gear. The two pictures in our driveway were from Mother's Day. One minute they are smiling next to each other, the next minute Benny has Everlie in a headlock. Mind you, Everlie is very much like her Mom. One day her brother will try stuff like this, only to find himself in the sleeper hold or with his arm twisted around his back until he says "Uncle". Both Geri and I have conversations trying to figure out Delaney's personality. I'm sure she will be tough like her sister. Everlie is like an egg...hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. Maybe Delaney will be like a Nerf ball...somewhat tough, somewhat soft, but very resilient.

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Ed. Tritschler said...

Friday May 29TH is the last Friday of the month. I think it is my turn to get the check. I can if you can.