Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sometimes my wife and I look at each with bewilderment and amazement.
We constantly ask each other questions like:
A. How can a baby generate that much snot and slobber?
B. Why can't our kids just go to sleep at the same time?
C. Can you believe that Everlie and Delaney weigh the same?
D. Will the day come when our oldest child won't have his hands in his pants?
E. Will we ever be able to take the entire family to a restaurant?
F. Who knew we actually had alot of free time with 2 kids?

We usually try to see the lighter side of having 3 kids, because so many moments are actually funny if we stop and think about it. God has blessed us with Delaney, and we are loving it. She is growing like a weed. She has 5-6 teeth, with more coming in. She is also determined and strong, just like her sister. She is standing on her own and will be walking by Christmas.

My favorite time with the kids used to be bath time. I still like it, but 3 is definitely a crowd. Someone is usually upset about bath toys or space. Now my favorite time is when I come home. It's a treat when all 3 kids rush me shouting "Daddy" and want to hug.

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