Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today was my day with the kids. We'll, Benny had preschool until 1:30. Ever have a day where the kids are not cooperative with what you want? This was it for me. Naps...not a chance. Cracking siblings on the head with a light saber...yep. Sucker punches/hits/tattle-tales...yep. Cleaning the bathroom floor and wall...yep (if you have boys, you know what I mean). It was a great day, topped with dinner with Jimmy and Amber. With their girl in tow, they braved our 3 kids. We were even treated with a concert from all 4 kids. There were 4 versions of a song or story being sung and recited at the same time. It was melody to our ears.

A highlight I had was to carve out 5 minutes to con the kids into posing for pictures. Here's the fruit of the labor.

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Alistair said...

Found your blog by accident and have enjoyed a quick look around. Beautiful children of whom you're rightly proud and some great shots of their characters.

I'll be back.